Jay gave excellent service. I think he’s a great engineer and I can’t wait to go back to do my next song.
— Keenya Crawford
The best! Super-amazing recording experience, and Jay and his team are fabulous and willing to try anything to get the best sounds. Can’t recommend enough. Pure AWESOME.
— Rebecca Ballard


Excellent studio facility! Jay does an incredible job from beginning to end!
— Scott Buchanan
I had an amazing time working with Jay and the entire Full Moon staff. I cannot wait to return!
— Jackson Ulmer
Six out of five stars!
A real asset to the greater Athens, GA music community and beyond!
Consistently excellent. Jay has mixed 3 albums for me and is also a wizard at editing. He is fun and easy to work with.
— Miles Karp
The best sounding room in town! Jay is my favorite producer/engineer in the Athens area. Fantastic gear + decades of recording experience + excellent atmosphere = My favorite studio in town. Go make a record!
— Dede Giddens
Over 10 years ago i walked into Full Moon and left knowing it was the best studio in the Athens area. I went back recently and shit aint changed at all!!!!!
— Khaalis Kaliko Brooks